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Moss Environmental is proud to make a positive impact in rural and regional Australia. Our dedication to transparency, community dialogue, and robust environmental assessment and approvals processes ensures that we deliver sustainable solutions that benefit all stakeholders involved.

Our Vision of Moss Environmental is a vibrant, adaptive company that instils the values of quality, communication, adventure, and connection in all our stakeholders. We thrive on a challenge and want to create lasting connections.

Read more below on what sets us apart.

Access to Local Experts

Moss Environmental is an environmental consultancy formed in 2015, with a team of highly experienced consultants located across eastern Australia. Our team of three consultants can provide you with expertise in the areas of ecology, agricultural science, hydrology, environmental management, contaminated land management and natural resource management.

Our previous projects include construction, mining, contaminated lands management, environmental education, project approvals, transport operation ISCA submissions and environmental project management.

Done Right - The first time

Moss Environmental have identified the requirement for quality technical expertise, reliable and flexible environmental consultants to provide practical expert advice and man-power to projects.

As a result, Moss Environmental are delivering efficient, practical and cost effective solutions for all projects.

Moss Environmental are your regional consulting partner with local knowledge and national expertise.

Our Consultants

Ms Shonelle Gleeson-Willey – B.App.Sc(EMT), M.EnvM

Director and Principal Consultant at Moss Environmental

Shonelle is the Director and Principal of Moss Environmental Pty Ltd. Shonelle has over twelve years’ experience working in the environmental sector, as an Environmental Manager on medium to large construction projects across Australia. Shonelle is a Certified Professional of Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), a qualification administered by Envirocert International Inc; an Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professional (ISAP) by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia and a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) by the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.

Shonelle holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Management and Tourism) from the University of Western Sydney, and a Masters’ of Environmental Management from the University of New England. Shonelle has worked for several small to medium sized consultancies, specializing in contaminated land management, construction environmental management and sustainability.

After four years in the contaminated land management industry Shonelle changed to work in construction, working for both John Holland and CPB Contractors. During her career Shonelle has worked on many construction projects in civil, oil and gas, rail, marine and energy. A highlight being the fly-in-fly-out Chevron Wheatstone O&G Project in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

Warwick Giblin
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Science, Agric., Business & Law, University of New England. Fellow, Environment Institute of Aust & NZ.

Principal Consultant – Environmental/Social Impact Adviser

Warwick Giblin founded the Company in March 2011 in recognition that rural Australians often need assistance to be heard and have their interests protected when dealing with big business and big government. With over 40 years experience his skills include project management, executive level communications and negotiations, strategic advice and environmental and social impact assessment.

Born and bred on the land Warwick has a strong affinity with the rural scene and appreciates the need for an integrated planning approach that acknowledges our environmental foundations, our social interconnections and economic drivers.
Warwick is keen to see the environmental assessment and approvals process made more robust and transparent, with genuine community dialogue and ensuring any cost transfers to residents and ratepayers are adequately compensated.

Ms Elizabeth Ogunsote – B.Sc.Micr., M.Sc qualification

Environmental Consultant

Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Babcock University, Nigeria and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Macquarie University Sydney. Elizabeth has extensive experience in conducting field investigation and writing scientific reports for clients on Review of Environmental Factors (REFs), Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment (ACHA), Contaminated Land  Assessments (including Preliminary and Detailed Site Investigation) and Assisting with the CRCB CLM project delivery for Namoi Joint Organization of Councils.

Mr Lyle Douglas – GradDip(Humanities), GradCert(Arts-Archaeology), M.Arch

Environmental Consultant – Archaeology

Lyle is a new team member at Moss Environmental, holding a Masters in Archaeology (Coursework and Research), a Graduate Diploma in Humanities and a Graduate Certificate of Arts – Archaeology from the University of New England. Lyle has
archaeological field experience under Dr Pam Watson on excavations at sites in Armidale, Tamworth, Calala Cottage, Booroolong Homestead and Balmain Wharf. Lyle is a financial
member of the Australian Archaeological Association and the Tamworth Historical Society.

Ms. Dasuni Algiriyage – B.Zoo (Hon), M.Env.Sc

Ecologist and Environmental Scientist

Dasuni has a Bachelor of Zoology with Honours through the University of Colombo and Master’s in environmental science and Technology through RMIT University. Dasuni has extensive experience conducting field surveys, assessments and inspections and guiding clients through preparation of Biodiversity Assessment Reports, Ecological Surveys and Support, Development of Flora and Fauna Management Plan and Review Environmental Factors (refs).

Mr Thomas Carter – B.A.His(Econ), B.Sc.(Ec.Env) (Hon), M.EnvM

Ecologist and Environmental Scientist

Thomas Carter has Bachelor of Arts (History and Economics), BA Science (Ecology & Environmental Science) Hon., and Master’s in Environmental Management from the University of Adelaide. Thomas Carter is an ecologist with experience in BAM surveys and completing the BAM calculator as well as ecological survey and environmental restoration. Well-versed in data collection project management and extensive knowledge of NSW flora.

Ms. Gabrielle Rose

Ecologist – Mango Green Environment Studio

Gabrielle is a Senior Ecologist and Director of Mango Green Consulting. Mango Green conducts ecological field surveys and impact assessments to satisfy guiding principles of biodiversity conservation and statutory requirements under State and Commonwealth environmental legislation. Dealing with locally native flora and fauna species, resident threatened species, invasive species, anthropogenic degradation and other environmental issues.

Gabrielle collaborates closely with government agencies, the private sector and the community in relation to development impacts and the protection of biodiversity and the environment. Gabrielle prepares a range of industry documents, undertakes ecological field work, technical research, data sampling, and monitoring and conducts fauna capture and handling activities.

Ms. Chelsey Benzel – (Bachelor of Science IT)

Marketing and Administrative Coordinator

Chelsey is our Marketing and Administrative Coordinator. As a valued team member Chelsey manages our Podcasts ‘Beyond the Green Line’ and ‘Contamination Station: Safer Environment Together’. Chelsey holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and has over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing.

Our Story

At the beginning of our current technologically connected time period Moss Environmental was created as a For Purpose business to provide best-in-class environmental services to all of regional, rural and remote Australia. We identified the need for a highly connected yet fluid company, able to adapt for a large geographical reach using technology, connections, and the breadth of knowledge of our team members.

Our CEO, Shonelle Gleeson-Willey is always looking for new ways to promote the regions and grow a happy, fun and vibrant team of bright minds along the way. This is why we are partners with the University of New England and focus heavily on staff development and training.

Our people are our business, so we provide many opportunities for professional growth, flexibility, fun and learning in our work week. We have a strong culture of staff mentoring and support across all levels, which is key to our success.

As a For Purpose business, we enjoy giving back and sharing our knowledge with the world. Environmental science is our passion, that we live daily, which is why we have launched a Podcast (Beyond the Green Line) to talk to some of our most interesting colleagues and connections.

Our Vision of Moss Environmental is a vibrant, adaptive company that instils the values of quality, communication, adventure, and connection in all our stakeholders. We thrive on a challenge and want to create lasting connections.

If you feel like you share our values and would like to connect with us, make sure to get in touch via our contact page.

Moss Environmental

Finalist in the 2021 NSW Business Awards, regional finalist for Business of the Year, Outstanding Business Leader and Employer of Choice.

Finalist in the 2021 Tamworth Business Awards, Employer of Choice


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