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NSW Asbestos awareness campaign- Be asbestos Ready

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NSW EPA is pleased to announce the launch of their state-wide asbestos awareness this Easter and Anzac day long weekends. Asbestos is still present in homes and building across Australia that were built before 1990, which affects 1 in 3 homes nationwide. The campaign asks the NSW community to be asbestos ready particularly for two key audiences – DIY and Trades.

Asbestos is dangerous when disturbed therefore, before beginning a renovation or home maintenance work, it is really important to be asbestos ready with a plan. You can stay safe by getting a licensed asbestos professional to provide advice on how to protect everyone’s health and to proceed safely. To that effect, provided is an editable stakeholder campaign pack, which contains a range of useful materials such as digital assets (including 15’ videos and materials for social media), print assets (including posters) and written template materials.
To support the campaign, NSW EPA asks that during the long weekends and over the next few months, you can consider doing as many of the following
• To promote the 15secs video and other campaign materials through posts on your social media channels.
• To show the 15secs video on any of your service centre screens or prominent locations for your community members.

Click on the hyperlink below to access the materials to support the campaign

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