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Contaminated Land Management

Our in-house team of highly experienced contaminated land consultants specialise in environmental site assessments, groundwater assessments, and waste classification. We also offer routine monitoring services for all media and CLM training.
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Ensuring that your project’s CLM is being looked after by a professional consultant with the relevant experience to provide quality advice and reports is important to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Our team of experienced contaminated land consultants will provide you with sound, professional advice every step of the way.

The Moss Environmental contaminated land team believe that protecting human health and the environment is equally important. We also appreciate that project outcomes need to align for the community, regulators and our clients, under what can be a complex regulatory framework.

We also offer online Contaminated Land Training. Get in touch for more information.

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Moss Environmental can help you meet your regulatory requirements while ensuring that your projects are environmentally sound.

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We work across a range of public, commercial and industrial projects, implementing effective environmental monitoring plans and strategies.

Regardless of what phase your project is in, we can help to ensure that all of the required regulations are met and that your environmental impact is minimised.


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