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Renewable Energy and Mining Developments

Moss Environmental, a leading environmental solutions provider focused on environmental and social impact management, is pleased to announce its recent merger with OzEnvironmental, a like-minded boutique rural consultancy. This strategic coming together marks a significant milestone for Moss Environmental, as it expands its services portfolio to cater to the growing social and environmental demands of renewable energy projects and mining developments.

With a keen focus on sustainability and a commitment to the environment, Moss Environmental aims to bolster its role in supporting local communities, landholders, and local governments navigate renewable energy projects and mining developments across the region.

The incorporation of OzEnvironmental’s expertise into Moss’s operations will empower the company to play a pivotal role in shaping environmentally conscious projects that contribute positively to the community and regional growth.

Expanding Services for Renewable Energy Projects

Moss Environmental is excited to add several key services to its renewable energy project portfolio, advocating for local communities who are navigating proposed developments in their backyards. The new services include:

Engaging with Local Community and Developers:

Moss Environmental will collaborate closely with local communities and developers, fostering meaningful dialogues to understand the unique environmental challenges and opportunities for each project. By considering community perspectives, Moss will facilitate an inclusive approach to renewable energy developments.

Environmental Auditing of Developments:

The company’s experienced team will conduct rigorous environmental audits to assess the environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) performance of renewable energy projects. These audits will ensure adherence to the highest standards of environmental stewardship and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Reviewing Environmental Impact Assessment reports and draft SEARs:

Moss Environmental will review and analyze Environmental Impact Assessment reports and draft SEARs to identify potential areas for improvement and mitigation. By addressing any shortcomings, the company will contribute to the overall quality and sustainability of renewable energy projects.

Assisting Council in Negotiations:

Moss Environmental will act as a mediator, assisting Council in negotiations with project proponents on Planning Agreements. These agreements will foster cooperation between the parties involved and lead to more environmentally friendly project outcomes.

Liaising with Local Government Officials:

Moss Environmental will liaise with Local Government officials to ensure alignment with regional and national environmental policies. By collaborating with government entities, Moss aims to foster an environment of sustainable development.

Two men wearing high visibility vests are pointing at wind turbines in the distance. They are preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Enhancing Services for Mining Developments

The acquisition of OzEnvironmental also strengthens Moss Environmental’s support for Councils and communities dealing with mining developments, particularly in the domain of land access agreements and environmental advocacy. The new services include:

Negotiating Land Access Agreements:

Moss Environmental will work closely with farmers and mining companies to negotiate Land Access Agreements for mineral exploration on farms. These agreements will safeguard the interests of landholders while enabling responsible mining practices.

Advocating for Farmers:

Moss Environmental will serve as an advocate for farmers, championing their rights and concerns in relation to mining impacts. By voicing their perspectives, the company will promote equitable and sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

3. Engaging with Mining Companies and Government Entities:

Moss Environmental will engage with mining companies and the NSW Government Department of Planning to facilitate open dialogues and environmentally conscious decision-making. This approach will foster a cooperative environment for mining developments that prioritize environmental responsibility.

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Comment from Shonelle Gleeson-Willey

Picture of CEO of the Moss Group of Companies

CEO of the Moss Group of Companies

"We are thrilled to announce our merger with OzEnvironmental, a company that shares our vision for sustainability and environmentally responsible practices," said Shonelle Gleeson-Willey, Director of Moss Environmental. "This strategic alliance marks a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering high-quality environmental solutions and promoting a greener, more sustainable future. With our expanded services for renewable energy projects and mining developments, we are confident in our ability to create positive, lasting impacts for the environment and the communities we serve."

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