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Gang-gang cockatoo now classified as endangered in Australia due to climate crisis

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Gang-gang cockatoo, the animal emblem of the Australian Capital Territory has been officially listed as threatened species after a rapid decline in the numbers over the past twenty years. Gang-gang are small, grey birds found throughout south-eastern Australia. They are a common sight in Canberra, where they are often found in backyards of the inner suburbs and bushland reserves.

The bird is one of several species that required assessments after the black summer bushfires in 2019-20. Professor Sarah Legge stated that the bird species have declined by 69% before the fires due to climate change related factors and the fires made it worse by declining further to 21%.
Scientists think that the rising temperatures and increased fire risk caused by climate change are likely to threaten their habitat in the future as well therefore, the need to better protect the amazing bird species and their habitats which are in hollows on old trees. Also, the new status will mean that developments that are likely to impact on them and their habitats will need to be considered by the government. Moss Environmental ecologist, Dasuni commented that habitat restoration should be encouraged to protect this amazing bird.

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