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John Holland – Canberra Metro Operational Environmental Management Plan and Climate Change Risk Assessment

Project Details

Canberra ACT
Project Duration:
01/01/2016 – 01/04/2019
Duration of Service:
03/01/2017 – 02/01/2019

Project Description & Scope

Canberra Metro light rail stage 1 has provided a better access to transport between key residential and business sectors of Canberra. It has provided a 12 kilometer public transport corridor from the Gungahlin Town Centre to the City along Flemington Road, Federal Highway and Northbourne Avenue. The rail infrastructure and associated landscaping has is become a feature of the gateway to the nation’s capital. It includes14 state-of-the-art Light Rail Vehicles manufactured by CAF, an internationally recognised supplier of railway stock. There are 13 stops with the vehicles and boarding/disembarking areas designed with comfort and safety in mind, encouraging walking and cycling that is integrated seamlessly with the bus network.

Our Role

Moss Environmental worked with the John Holland delivery team to develop the complex CMO Stage 1 Operational Environment and Sustainability Management Plan, which included one of the very first Climate Change Risk assessment workshops for a project moving from construction into operations. The OESMP included sub-management plans in; -Vegetation; -Biodiversity; -Hazardous Materials; -Air Quality; -Heritage; -Noise and Vibration; -Waste and Recycling; -ISC Rating; and -Sustainability Moss Environmental undertook a compliance roles towards the end of the construction phase to assist with compliance tracking, external audit of the management plans and close out.

Project Reference:

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