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Transport for New South Wales – Northern Region Environmental Specialist

Project Details

Northern NSW
Project Duration:
15/01/2018 – 30/07/2021
Duration of Service:
15/01-2021 – 30/07/2021

Project Description & Scope

TfNSW is an agency of the New South Wales Government established on 1 November 2011, and is the leading transport and roads agency in New South Wales, Australia. Road maintenance is a rolling requirement funded each year to improve and maintain roads in NSW. Maintenance work is either self-performed, contracted or funded under an agreement with local councils to perform the work. Maintenance of the road network is integral to keeping NSW road users safe. Prior to minor maintenance construction works being completed, TfNSW must investigate the environmental impacts of the proposed works in to fulfil the requirements of section 5.5 of the EP&A Act.

Our Role

Moss Environmental provided expert environmental services in impact assessment, erosion and sediment control, sustainability, ecological survey work, waste management and community consultation. Our services were utilised across all of northern NSW. We worked closely with the northern region maintenance and delivery team and environment branch to deliver projects for road safety and upgrades. Moss Environmental was proud to be a part of the Road Maintenance and Delivery teams, providing increased resourcing in environmental management.

Project Reference:

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